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Born from the desire to encourage the development of young musicians, the Camp musical Père Lindsay, founded in 1967, offers campers ages 8 to 17 and adults a dream stay surrounded by nature. Following the philosophy of its founder, Father Fernand Lindsay, the passion for musical discovery is the core of the experience offered by the camp. 


The Camp Musical Père Lindsay is a non-profit organisation that offers campers to broaden their horizons by experiencing, exploring, and sharing various aspects of music while being encompassed in nature. The Camp’s mission is simple: to deepen music learning in a collaborative and nurturing environment . The Camp Musical Père Lindsay aims to give musicians a comprehensive vision of music by exploring a wide variety of musical repertoire which goes beyond their own instruments.


The Camp’s vision stayed integral to Father Lindsay’s approach over the years. Time shows our campers leave their session thrilled with promises to come back, which many do year after year! 

Camp de la relâche au Camp musical Père Lindsay. Photo: Charlie Poirier-Bouthillette

Winter Break Camp

Surrounded by camp director Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse, experienced teachers and enthusiastic camp counselors, the young campers will follow the usual camp courses for a week, including private instrument lessons, group lessons, choir and chamber music.


In addition to the art periods, the day’s schedule will include many outdoor and indoor activities led by our dynamic team.

Expect to get red cheeks and to drink lots of hot chocolate!

For more information: Winter Break Camp

Summer camp

With a unique program of musical, artistic and recreational activities, camp director Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse, experienced teachers and enthusiastic counselors offer a memorable vacation filled with discoveries, encounters and magical moments!

For more information: Youth Summer Camp

Grand jeu au Camp musical Père Lindsay
Camp pour adultes en violoncelle et contrebasse au Camp musical Père Lindsay

Adult camp

The enchanting site of the Priscault Lake welcomes each year several cohorts of adult musicians of all levels. To meet with peers, to improve your skills, to experiment with new pedagogical approaches or repertoires, or simply to recharge your batteries while surrounding yourself in nature and music, there is no better opportunity to register for one of the adult camps offered. With excellent teachers, quality meals, 5km of trails in the forest, a beautiful lake to swim in, and comfortable single or double occupancy accommodations (your choice), the reputation of the adult camps is already well established!

For more information: Adult Music Camp

Day or short musical stay

Whether it is for a school programme, a youth or adult orchestra, or for a chamber music ensemble, our facilities have the resources and space to accommodate small and large groups for day visits or longer stays including meals and lodging.

For training sessions, intensive rehearsals, rewarding activities, or team-building events, music is a specialty that is shared all year long with the Auberge du lac Priscault, managed by the Camp Musical Père Lindsay. Instruments, facilities and even teachers can be put at your disposal, or alternatively, our facilities can be rented independently.

To inquire about your project : Auberge du Lac Priscault

Studio de pratique musicale au Camp musical Père Lindsay
Villa Cypihot (12 chambres, 24 personnes) au Camp musical Père Lindsay

Rental of chalets for meetings or receptions

For the past twenty years, the Auberge du lac Priscault has offered several chalets for rent from the end of August to mid-June. Companies, large or small families, couples of friends, and organised groups have trusted the Auberge du lac Priscault and rented our large villas with comfortable facilities and our simple cottages. 

Our site, with its 6 km of trails, its cafeteria, its chapel, its lake with kayaks, pedal boats and rowboats (motor boats are not allowed on the lake), its playgrounds (soccer, basketball, volleyball, skating rink, snowshoes…) and its proximity to other attractions (golf course, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snow sliding, bike trails, etc.), offers a variety of services which will make your stay even more memorable! 

For more information about our facilities: Auberge du Lac Priscault


To inquire about your project : Contact-us

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