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Major financial partners

The Camp Musical Père Lindsay receives an annual grant from the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec. The MCCQ also funded some extensive renovations over the years, including the most recent ones in 2015, and supports the Camp in its fundraising campaign through the Mécénat Placements Culture Programme.

The Fondation Père Lindsay has offered financial assistance to campers in need since 1996.


Over the years, the Fondation Père Lindsay, created in 1996 by M. Pierre Mantha, has raised significant funding from private donors. This funding has allowed the Camp Musical Père Lindsay to make extensive renovations to its facilities.


Thanks to a contribution of close to $600,000 from the Fondation, along with funding from the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec, the Camp built a new teachers’ residence in 2000, and named it “Villa Cypihot” in honour of one of the Fondation’s generous donors. Another residence was built in 2009, once again with financial support from the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec, and a contribution of close to $300,000 from the Fondation. In honour of the contributions made by the Fondation’s first president since 1996, and great benefactor, the Camp baptized the building “Villa Mantha.”


From 2000 to 2013, thanks to private donations and income from the Villa rentals, the Fondation Père Lindsay has provided the Camp with more than $500,000 to cover the residences’ financing and occupancy costs.


In addition, each year since its creation, the Fondation has donated money specifically for young campers whose families are in need of financial assistance. This allows young musicians from all backgrounds to benefit from the activities offered by the Camp. Since 1996, close to $700,000 has been awarded to more than 1000 campers.


The Fondation Père Lindsay through its scholarship program is funding young musicians, among them ex-campers, to help them benefit from an advanced training program at the Centre d’arts Orford, the Domaine Forget, or at other prestigious institutions.

Thanks to Desjardins Caisse de Joliette and the Centre de Lanaudière for their contribution of $25,000 for the programming of professional concerts presented for educational purposes.

Since 2022, an annual contribution of $10,000 allows the Musical Camp to carry out targeted projects that enable the accomplishment of its musical education mission. Thank you for this meaningful support!

The Camp musical thanks the Ratelle law firm for the donation of $10,000 to support the operation and preservation of the site, as well as for the valuable advice.

Specific campaigns

For several years now, thanks to the initiative of Professor Frédéric Lambert, the Camp musical has been receiving donations to renovate studios for musical practice and teaching. Several donors have contributed so far, and we thank them warmly: 

Frédéric and Marjolaine Lambert 

Annie, Catherine, Isabelle, Magali, Myriam and Sylvie Parent 

Karine Emmanuelle Boisvert, Marie-Hélène Ménard and Olivier Ménard 

The Péloquin family

The Gaudreau-Pinsonneault family 

École de musique de Verdun

The Lajoie family

Germain and Vincent Poirier

The Lessard family

The Pierre-Mantha Fund

A collective to honor the memory of Gilles Pinsonneault (kiosk)

Frédéric Demers 

The Lavoie-Darling family
A collective honoring the memory of André Brossard

Fondation Père Lindsay
Since 1996, the Father Lindsay Foundation has made it possible for young people from all walks of life to take part in musical education activities, by contributing $35,000 annually to the Campers' Bursary and Financial Assistance Program. In total, over $700,000 has been awarded to more than 1,000 campers thanks to this contribution.

Germaine Gibara Fund of the Foundation of Greater Montreal
Thanks to its annual support of $15,000, the Germaine-Gibara Fund of the Foundation of Greater Montreal enables talented young musicians to benefit from an exceptional stay at the Père Lindsay Music Camp.

Destination C.A.M.P.
Since 2022, the CMPL has been a proud partner of the Association des camps du Québec's Destination CAMP program, which aims to develop self-confidence, autonomy, motivation and perseverance.

École Félix-Leclerc Foundation
In partnership with the CMPL, the Fondation de l'École Félix-Leclerc Lindsay offers a stay to deserving young people in its program.

Ghislaine Gariépy's children and grandchildren
The children and grandchildren of Ghislaine Gariépy have made a significant donation to support the awarding of teachers' bursaries and the hosting of young Ukrainian musicians.

Mr. Samuel Thibodeau
Camp musical Père Lindsay would like to thank Mr. Samuel Thibodeau for his significant donation to the Bursary and Financial Assistance Program.

Fondation Dr Julien - Garage à musique
In partnership with the CMPL, the Fondation Dr Julien offers a stay to a dozen young people from the Garage à Musique program.

Fédération des harmonies et orchestres symphoniques du Québec
The FHOSQ, in partnership with the CMPL, offers $250 bursaries to the winners of the Soloists and Small Ensembles Competition, applicable to a musical stay.

Maestro Yannick Nézet-Séguin
Maestro Yannick Nézet-Séguin offers a bursary of excellence ($1,000 value) awarded to a young musician who has distinguished himself/herself by virtuosity and fine predispositions.

École de musique de Verdun
The École de musique de Verdun offers a bursary of excellence (valued at $1,000) to a camper who has distinguished himself or herself through musical talent. 

Fondation Diapason de l'École Arthur-Vaillancourt
In partnership with Camp musical Père Lindsay, the Diapason Foundation is offering a stay at École Arthur-Vaillancourt.

Former campers (80s) of the CMPL
A group of former campers who attended the Camp musical in the '80s got together to offer a bursary of excellence (valued at $1,000) to the young musician who has distinguished himself or herself the most by virtuosity and fine predispositions.

Festival de Lanaudière
The Festival de Lanaudière offers a bursary of excellence (worth $1,000) to a camper who has distinguished himself or herself through musical talent. 

La Musique aux Enfants
In partnership with the CMPL, La Musique aux Enfants offers a stay to a few young people in its program.

École de musique Fernand-Lindsay
In partnership with the CMPL, the École de musique Fernand Lindsay offers a stay to a young person in its program.

Metropolitan Orchestra

The Metropolitan Orchestra gives campers the opportunity to attend certain concerts during the year, in addition to offering a showcase to four excellent scholarship recipients during the opening of its season, during a Prelude.

Montreal Opera

The Montreal Opera gives campers the opportunity to attend the general performance of an opera they studied the previous summer.

Festival de Lanaudière

The Lanaudière Festival offers campers the opportunity to attend aor twoconcerts for free and receive a master class from an ensemble featured in the program.

The Fundraising Campaign was launched in the spring of 2019, with a goal of $200,000. The young campers of the 53rd season of summer camps were able to bid farewell to the mythical Nid d’aigle, a much-beloved chalet despite its great age and its few wrinkles…


Already at the end of the summer, we announced that we had received nearly $150,000 from the sixty or so donors who attended the fundraising cocktail. A few days later, demolition began thanks to the expertise of Terrassements Multi-Paysages inc. followed by the foundation work with contractor GMI Construction.


After the winter break, work resumed in early March 2020…then it was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic for two months. This delay impacted the delivery date of the new building. Against all odds, it was not campers but rather tenants of the Auberge du lac Priscault who were the first to benefit from the new space, at the end of July. Since then, the chalet has been a source of enjoyment for the Auberge’s clients, while waiting to welcome the young musicians.


The fundraising campaign ended in December 2020 after having raised $258,300 in cash donations, in addition to $80,800 in goods and services, far exceeding the initial objective. We extend our warmest thanks to the many donors who contributed. We look forward to welcoming you to the Nid d’aigle 2.0.

Summary of the appreciation cocktail

50 000$

Claude Rivest and Georgette Robillard


25 000$

Caisse Desjardins de Joliette et du Centre de Lanaudière
René Martin’s Family
Fenplast inc.
Fondation Canimex


20 000$ and more

Les Terrassements Multi-Paysages inc.
Robert Lavoie architecte


15 000$ and more

Famille Brasseur-Cloutier
Fondation Harnois-Richelieu
Fondation Servicas


5 000$ and more

Angèle St-Pierre
BP Canada
Claire Gauthier
Famille Bourassa-Toutant
Germain et Vincent Poirier
Groupe GMI Construction
Jean-Marc Lindsay
Marie-Christine Coulombe
Marie-Noël Laporte et Nive Morin
Pierre Dufresne
Samuel Thibodeau
Sonia Gratton et Mathieu Harel

And an anonymous donation

1 000$ and more

Carole Sirois; Catherine Soum; CRGH Arpenteurs-géomètres; Daniel Constantineau; Élise Gravel; Julie Cheatley et David Hajesz; Myriam Pelletier; Nayef El-Tabbah; Pascal Paradis-Théberge; Suzanne Piuze; and an anonymous donation


200$ and more

André Papillon; Anne-Marie Panneton; Benoit Papillon; Céline Lafontaine; Daniel Guérard; Élise Martel; Fadi Hobeila; Frizon-Peresa Family; Langelier-Pascal Family; Lanoue-Dostie Family; Francine Guérard; Guy Boulard; Isabelle Houle; Janick Simard; Julie Martineau; Karine- Emmanuelle Boisvert; The sisters MA; Lise Coulombe; Luc Chaput; Luc Sévigny; Marie-Hélène Dionne; Mario Martineau; Mylène Fugère; Normand Desaulniers; Paul Surdulescu; Pierre Pelletier; Rodrigue Baugé; Romy Chamberland; Valérie Descheneaux; Qin X; and an anonymous donation


As well as 62 donors of less than $200.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Tourism, through Kéroul, manager of the program, for providing a grant of $31,795 from the Programme d’accessibilité des établissements touristiques. This grant will allow us to improve accessibility in certain key buildings, including the Nid d’aigle chalet.

Fifty years ago, Father Fernand Lindsay gathered young musicians in Saint-Côme at first, then at the Lac Priscault two years later, for their first experience at the Camp Musical. His vision was clear: he wanted to allow young people to work on their instruments with great teachers and pedagogues and to live an enriching and varied summer experience. With Father Lindsay, the young people also discovered the joy of choral singing, the beauty of opera, the unique experience of chamber music and the joy of being with a “family” of musicians surrounded by an extraordinary natural environment.


The site has changed a lot since 1967! Many renovations and improvements have been made over the years to make the camp a safer and more comfortable environment. But the mission has remained the same: the Camp Musical faithfully continues the work of Father Lindsay.


On the occasion of the 50th season of activities in 2016, special activities were organized to mark the anniversary and a fundraising campaign was launched to ensure the continuation of Father Lindsay’s cherished mission of youth music education. The turnout was exceptional and is a testament to the dedication of staff, faculty, current and former campers, patrons, and musicians to Camp Musical Père Lindsay. A sincere thank you to all!


Here is the report of this season full of enchantment…

Fundraising campaign

This year, the Camp held its first ever fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $200,000. As a charitable organization, the Camp Musical is facing increasing challenges and needs a stable source of revenue to maintain its activities:

  1. Affordable pricing for the middle class family;

  2. Infrastructures and site in accordance with the standards in use today;

  3. The scholarship and financial aid program for campers.

Board members and staff worked hard to achieve this goal. The response was exceptional, as evidenced by the $252,000 raised. These donations made it possible to apply for a contribution of $250,000 to the Mécénat Placements Culture programme of the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec.

On behalf of the campers of these 50 years of enchantment, the artists and the many volunteers who have worked there, we thank all the donors for their generosity which will contribute to ensure the continuity of the Camp Musical Père Lindsay.

25 000 $

Caisse Desjardins de Joliette; Claire Gauthier and Pierre Dufresne; Lesage Family; José Dufresne.


20 000 $

Fondation Père Lindsay; Jacqueline Desroches; Maurice and Claude Beauséjour.


10 000 $

Jean-Guy Grenier’s Family; Québécor Inc.

5 000 $ and more 

Daniel Guérard; Fondation RBC; Fondation Sybilla Hesse; Glen Schlyter; Louis-Charles Ratelle; Louise Chamberland and Mario Delisle; Marie Desroches.


1 000 $ and more

Ambulances Saint-Gabriel; Concert bénéfice – Alexandre Sheasby ;Anonymous donor; La Capitale Assurances générales; Michel Dionne; Yamaha Canada Musique; Yves Leduc.

200 $ and more

Amélie Dupont; Carole Sirois; Caroline Quach; Denis Legault; Édith Lépine; Eddy Dupuis; Gennard Delisle; Germain Poirier; Hélène V. Gagnon; Isabelle Houle; Jacques Raymond; Karine Emmanuelle Boisvert; Luc Sévigny; Madeleine Brien; Marie-Hélène Dionne; Martin Thibodeau; Michèle Deschamps; Nicole Brodeur; Pascal Forget; Paul Surdulescu; Quynh Nguyen; Suzanne Bellemare; Vincent Poirier; Yolande Gaudreau.

And over 250 other donors.

Bain de l'ours-o-thon 2016


About twenty former campers, staff members, friends and teachers of the Camp Musical Père Lindsay became the first ever “Ambassad-ours” by collectively collecting $20,000 in donations. Then, on Saturday, May 28, 2016, at the sound of the chapel bell, they bravely jumped into the cold water of Lac Priscault! Food, music and singing were also part of this sunny and frankly magical day.

Click on this link for the fundraising report, including photos and videos.

20,000 raised by participants (donors of $200 or more):

Suzanne Bellemarre

Karine Emmanuelle Boisvert

Madeleine Brien

Nicole Brodeur

Michèle Deschamps

Marie-Hélène Dionne

Amélie Dupont

Eddy Dupuis

Pascal Forget

Hélène V. Gagnon

Yolande Gaudreau

Isabelle Houle

Édith Lépine

Germain Poirier

Vincent Poirier

Jacques Raymond

Luc Sévigny

Carole Sirois

Martin Thibodeau


On behalf of the campers of these 50 years of enchantment, the artisans and the many volunteers who have worked there, we thank all the donors for their generosity, which will help ensure the continuity of the Père Lindsay Music Camp.


Commemorative concert

Link to a video of the dress rehearsal
Link to a video of the campers' choir, as a prelude

Introductory words from the President, Pierre Dufresne


Sunday, July 31, 2016 at 2 p.m.
Lanaudière Festival
Fernand-Lindsay Amphitheatre, Joliette

Camp musical Père Lindsay alumni orchestra
Camp musical Père Lindsay campers' choir
Fernand-Lindsay Choir
Gaspard Tanguay-Labrosse, piano (former camper)
Simon Fournier, baritone (teacher)


Don Giovanni, Overture (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Harmonia Mundi (Anonymous)
Cantata BWV 147, chorale Jesus Joy of the World (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Don Giovanni, Commander's scene (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Fantasy-Choral (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Die Zauberflöte, prelude to Act 2 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Ave Verum (Camille Saint-Saëns)
Cantique de Jean Racine (Gabriel Fauré)
Faust, Ainsi que la brise légère (Charles Gounod)
Nabucco, Va Pensiero (Giuseppe Verdi)
L'Arlésienne, Farandole from Suite No. 2 (Georges Bizet)
Carmina Burana, O Fortuna (Carl Orff)


Coordinator: Luc Chaput.
Producer: Festival de Lanaudière.
Conductors: Daniel Constantineau, Georges-Étienne D'Entremont, Julien Proulx, Jean-Marc Pilon, Luc Chaput.
First violins: Marie-Noël Laporte, Dominique Dhaïti, Audrey Miron, Marie-Odile Duchesneau, Lise-Marie Riberdy, Alexandre Sheasby, Juliette Durand, Annie Parent, Julie Rivest, Hélène Héneault.
Second violins: Line Deneault, Signy Glendinning, Annie Desrosiers, Édith Lépine, Magali Parent, Gabrielle Beaulieu-Brossard, Monique Poitras, Sylvie Harvey, Geneviève Beaudry.
Violas: Frédéric Lambert, Daniel Guérard, Bernard Ducharme, Geneviève Brault, Joëlle Pineau.
Cellos: Christine Harvey, Janick Simard, Janie Massicotte, Julie Martineau, Sylvain Murray, Anik Hébert.
Double basses: Antonin Lapointe, Philippe Chaput, Karine-Emmanuelle Boisvert, Loup-Daphné Beausoleil-Chaput.
Flutes: Hugo Périna, Sophie Gaudreau-Pinsonneault, Simon Mercier.
Oboe: Sonia Gratton.
Clarinets: Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse: Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse, Marie-Pierre Sirois.
Bassoons: Mathieu Harel, Marie-Renée Sheridan.
Horns: Louis-Philippe Marsolais, Jean-Jules Poirier, Félix Foster, Marie-Hélène Forest.
Trumpets: Frédéric Bourgeault, Jean-Philippe Khazoom, Étienne Asselin.
Percussion: Julien Bélanger, Charles-Étienne Asselin: Julien Bélanger, Charles-Étienne Ménard.

To everyone, a heartfelt thank you for your generous participation on this fabulous day!

Great Intergenerational Civilization Game


It was an exceptional summer day when the Intergenerational Civilization game opened on Saturday, September 3, 2016.


Around 125 people took part in the mythical game that has been animating and igniting the spirits of participating campers for over a decade. On the occasion of the 50th season of the Camp Musical Père Lindsay, an enriched version was created and adapted to all ages, to the delight of the young and old warriors present near the Lac Priscault.


After the 8:30 morning swim (bain de l’ours) and the traditional choir singing, participants were introduced to the rules of the game and to the different “weapons” available to them. Then the game started where three societies were fighting each other: the Whites, the Reds and the Blacks. Arrows were thrown, spears and flails were used, fences were built, prophecies were announced, and miraculous potions were concocted. All day long, combat, tactics, espionage attempts, and other strategies were deployed. Some truces allowed the teams to feed and bathe, though without lowering their guard… Until the final battle at dusk that consecrated the winners… Then fireworks and songs around a campfire closed with emotion, around 9pm, a day rich in action and reunion.


Thank you to the many volunteers who made this day a success in every way: Alexis, Arthur, Céleste, Charles, Charlie, Gabrielle, Hubert (organisateur), Justine, Laurie, Léa, Mariane, Marie, Maxime, Momo, Sarah-Anne, Victor et Vincent.


Click on this link to view pictures of this event, photo credit: Charlie Poirier-Bouthillette

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