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Training sessions for adults

stimulating encounters on an enchanting site!

The Camp Musical Père Lindsay offers a unique experience: private lessons with experienced teachers, educational workshops, group classes, discussion forums and outdoor practice!

General informations

Private domain
Facilities and equipment specific to the practice of music
Swimming lake with pedal boat, kayak and rowboat
5 km of walking trails in the forest
Bird watching 

Single or double occupancy depending on the option chosen*
Private room and bathroom
Bedding and towels provided

*Double occupancy with another participant: Friends or spouses who wish to participate in camp activities may share a room if they desire. Please make two registrations for each participant and choose the "double occupancy with one participant" option.

*Double occupancy with a companion: It is possible to be accompanied by a person who will stay at the camp without participating in the activities. Lodging and meals are included.