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Our engagement

Camp de la relâche scolaire au Camp musical Père Lindsay

Mission Statement

To allow young musicians to build relationships and to pursue their personal development through the learning of classical music and the experimentation of artistic activities in a natural, safe, balanced, and stimulating environment.


• To offer young musicians a curated programme of individual and group activities supervised by competent and attentive staff.
• To provide a high level pedagogical programme combining rigour and flexibility, while respecting the skills and learning pace of the camper.
• Promote accessibility through a scholarship and financial aid programme for campers. • To continue to improve and preserve the quality of the facilities, the lake and the surrounding woodland, while respecting sustainable development.
• Maintain environmental, occupational, health, and safety standards in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
• Preserve and adapt the Camp Musical Père Lindsay traditions to offer a similar experience year after year while evolving with our society.
• Outside of the periods reserved for our primary mission, to provide our clientele with quality facilities and services to develop, fraternise and enjoy our site.
• To ensure sound management of the Camp Musical Père Lindsay, a charitable organisation, in order to promote its continuity and longevity.


Educational: The CMPL provides quality training in classical music and other art forms, while valuing curiosity, achievement, self-improvement, and growth.

Excellence: The CMPL maintains a highly-trained and renowned staff, provides a nurturing environment, and pursues continuous improvement of services, facilities, and equipment.

Community: The CMPL offers opportunities to build relationships and to exchange ideas that foster group spirit, fraternity and altruism, while promoting positive and enriching interpersonal connections with respect to diversity in all its forms.

Respect: The CMPL encourages respect for self and others, the environment, works, property, and facilities.

Enjoyment: The CMPL contributes to creating a climate of harmony and enjoyment without competitiveness in order to encourage the sense of wonder and well-being of participants and employees, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Inclusiveness: The CMPL aims to ensure equity, diversity and accessibility in the activities offered according to the resources available.

Certifications and recognition

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