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The Camp musical Père Lindsay site is located in the countryside, on the shores of Lake Priscault in Sainte-Béatrix, in the Lanaudière region. In addition to the accommodation residences, teaching premises, practice cabins and the Julien-Raymond pavilion (cafeteria), the site offers several sports facilities including soccer, volleyball and basketball fields. A beach is set up on Lake Priscault. The site also offers 6 km of rustic trails designed for hiking or snowshoeing. During the winter season an ice rink is also set up. 

Camper's chalets

Julien-Raymond Pavilion


Practice/teaching studios

Staff residences

Available for rental except summer. For information, visit

Sports facilities


Plan des infrastructures et terrains de sport du domaine du Camp musical Père Lindsay

Trail network

Carte des sentiers en forêt du Camp musical Père Lindsay
La carte des sentiers du Camp musical Père Lindsay est accessible sur l'application Avenza

The trail map is available on the free app Avenza Maps allowing access to maps and plans without requiring a mobile or wireless Internet connection.

Available on Apple Store and Google play

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